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Stitch Coffee

Location: Australia

Founder: Nawar Adra

Stitch Coffee was born of the idea that coffee is much like a tapestry - it is a weaving of origins and flavours to create a delicious cup with distinct complexity, structure, and balance. Led by founder, Nawar Adra - who started out at Sydney’s iconic, Circa Espresso. Soon after; Stitch Coffee opened the doors to their roastery in 2015 and haven't looked back since.

Stitch Coffee

Getting to know Nawar Adra - Founder of Stitch Coffee.

How did the journey of Stitch Coffee start?

Stitch Coffee started in 2015 and how the idea of Stitch Coffee came about was because I felt that coffee does not need to be a standalone. Blending different coffees together can give a more interesting and exciting cup profile. Through this we realised early on that the art of blending coffee is the same as tailoring a piece of cloth. As a result, we stitched together origins with different flavours to bring forward the ultimate cup characteristics for everyone to enjoy.

Can you share more about your local coffee scene in Sydney and what Stitch Coffee's approach to coffee sourcing and serving the local community of your coffee shops?

The local coffee scene is becoming diverse in its product offerings into convenient products, coupled with more people looking to support local brands with ethical practices that positively impacts the whole industry. It is the time of transparency, people are willing to take accountability for their consumer choices and expect businesses they support to share the same sentiment and show that they align with their customers. At Stitch Coffee, we do this through ethically sourcing our coffees, buying from producers and importers who have and are known for their sustainable practices. We also ensure we tell the story of the coffee farm, producers and their community with every coffee we put out.

A trend we have observed in our local coffee scene are a transformation of small coffee businesses into coffee retail stores, providing more than the traditional cafe service. Cafes have evolved to provide consumers with the retail experience too, where people can enjoy coffee by dining it, takeaway cup, purchase fresh beans for home brewing or for gifting, sharing coffee with others and make someone else happy too.

What was the inspiration for Stitch Coffee to decide to put coffees into the convenient capsule format?

We aim to provide value and quality driven convenience to all coffee consumers and enable people to have quality coffee at home without complex brewing gear. Convenience coffee products have slow adoption but are growing consistently.

Coffee is fuel to get us moving throughout the day, especially in the morning. What is your daily morning ritual like?

Coffee is an important engine to start the day for me. I am at our flagship store in Broadway by 7am for a fresh cup. On Sundays I have a pour over at home and then head out for a flat white.

What are you most excited about right now and for the future of Stitch Coffee as a company?

We are excited to continue evolving our offerings for household products, providing specialty coffee with convenience but maintaining the quality.

Specialty coffee is as easy as anything else to brew if it has been sourced well, roasted well and packaged well.

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