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Morning Water Filter

Better water, better coffee.

The Morning Water Filter is the perfect hassle-free accompaniment to the Morning Machine. It effectively filters out impurities and produces softer water that yields better extracted and more flavourful coffee.

Water is filtered through three layers of material:

  1. Stainless Steel

  2. Ion-exchange Resin

  3. Coconut Shell-activated Carbon

Reducing Chlorine by up to 75% and resulting in softer water, optimised for coffee brewing and better flavour extraction.

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Morning Water Filter


How it works

Filtering for Maximum Flavour
Better water in 5 easy steps!

Step 1: Remove filter from packaging and set the date to 6 months from now.

Step 2: Remove and fill the tank with water. Submerge the filter in water for about ten seconds. Tilt it to expel unwanted trapped air.

Step 3: Fix the filter to the base of the water tank. A click should indicate the filter is in place.

Step 4: Close the tank lid and place it on your Morning Machine.

Step 5: Press and hold the NEXT Button on the machine to activate Hot Water Bypass. Complete 2 full flushes of the water tank and it's ready to use!

Morning Water Filter
Designed to up your coffee game

Effectively reduces impurities in water

Better flavour extraction

Brew with water straight from your tap


Dimension: 47mm W x 40mm D x 148mm H

Weight: 115g

Filtration capacity: 100L

Average lifespan: 6 months

All materials used comply with NSF and LFGB standards.